All students are welcome to apply for enrollment at Marion Academy.

What grade levels are offered?

Grades 6-12 are offered at Marion Academy.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is a dark blue collared shirt, khaki pants or skirt, belt or suspenders. No tattoos or piercings that distract from the education environment.

How will my student get to school?

The school is on bus line 21. Each student will get a free IndyGo bus pass. For route information visit: www.indygo.net or call (317) 635-3344.

Who is able to apply for enrollment?

All students are welcome to apply for enrollment at Marion Academy. Apply for enrollment here.

Where is Marion Academy located?

Marion Academy – formerly Indianapolis Public School 68- is located at 2107 N. Riley Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46218.

Where is Hillside Academy located?

Hillside Academy is a program within Marion Academy for students detained at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. Its address is 2451 N Keystone Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46218.

What are the school hours?

School hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Students are allowed to enter as early as 7:45 am.

What are the values used to instruct the students?

At Marion Academy the students will know what is expected of them, that they are in a safe learning environment, and that we care about their well-being and academic performance. To ensure this, our culture will be built on four core values: (1) Community; (2) Scholarship; (3) Respect; and (4) Responsibility.

What is the goal of the school?

The goal of every course is independent student mastery of the content, skills and standards to which the course is aligned. All lesson plans explicitly incorporate the gradual release of responsibility instructional strategy and its four phases.

Why are student assessments used?

Student assessments are used to measure the student’s current ability, their progress, and teacher effectiveness. We use baseline data to follow your child’s progress.

How is discipline handled at Marion Academy?

At Marion Academy, each student will receive positive behavior support, work toward earning a high school diploma, gain life skills, and make progress toward earning an industry-recognized credential. The school discipline plan can be found here.

personal-instructionHow do teacher’s teach students of different abilities?

Our teachers include differentiation strategies based upon student need. These may include using vertical text sets, student choice, parallel tasks, and using multiple learning modalities. Our students interact with complex  disciplinary texts, practicing and improving reading comprehension skills. Read more about our instruction overview here.

Who is the School Director?

Ms. LaToya Black is the School Director.

What diplomas are students able to earn?

The curricular offerings at Marion Academy prepare student scholars to earn the Core 40 Diploma, Core 40 Honors Diploma, or the Core 40 Technical Honors Diploma.