Community Partnerships

Enhancing Support Services

Partnerships with community resources assist in removing barriers to student success.

Our staff and members of our Board of Directors are committed to forming partnerships with community resources that may assist in removing barriers to student success.

Our Academic Life coaches at Marion Academy help foster and build these community relations. These partnerships ensure that we have a menu of support services to provide for our students and families.

Marion Academy will provide a point of referral for students exiting the juvenile court system or serving active expulsion – a resource currently absent within the city of Indianapolis – and will permit area schools to refer at-risk students whose behavioral issues may be disrupting their home school’s educational environment.

This alternative to expulsion will provide individual students with the opportunity to benefit from an intense level of support and structure, while allowing schools to address behavioral issues without inhibiting the overall academic progress of their student bodies.

Are you an individual, business, organization, or school interested in working with Marion Academy? One of our Academic Life Coaches would love to speak with you.