Career Readiness

The focus of Marion Academy is to prepare all learners for the transition into post-secondary school life. The educational model of Marion Academy curriculum is rooted in academic rigor, character education, career exploration, and workplace readiness. Marion Academy is committed to the achievement of each individual learner and individualizing student learning through goal setting and the development of an individualized learning plan (ILP) while creating a learning environment that fosters the ideals of community, scholarship, respect, and responsibility. The curricular offerings prepare students to earn the Core 40 Diploma, Core 40 Honors Diploma, or the Core 40 Technical Honors Diploma.

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Academic Life Coach Assignment

When students enter Marion Academy they are assigned an Academic Life Coach who will work with them to identify a career pathway and establish their individualized learning plan that identifies the courses they need to earn their Indiana Core 40 Diploma, Core 40 Honors Diploma, or Core 40 Technical Honors Diploma and at least one industry-recognized certification. Additionally, many students will earn dual credits through Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University. Students begin by taking the Indiana Career Explorer Kuder Assessment, a career Interest inventory at our College and Career Center run by our College and Career Coach. This identifies career clusters and college and career pathways appropriate to their interest. The student works with their coach to select one of the Indiana Department of Education’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways, which guides the development of the student’s ILP.


Marion Academy is committed to the achievement of each individual learner.

In addition to the Kuder Assessment results, the College and Career Coach provides students with up to date information regarding careers in Indiana that are most in demand, the training required, and salary and benefit information. Marion Academy recognizes the need to prepare students for fluctuations in the job market, and foundational coursework is broad and allows the student flexibility in their career pathway choices.

Student Behavior and Discipline

img_0354Whereas no other school in Marion County is open to students serving an active expulsion, Marion Academy will accept all students, including students who are serving a term of an active expulsion. While enrolled at Marion Academy, students will receive positive behavior support, gain life skills, work toward earning a high school diploma, and make progress toward earning an industry-recognized credential. To that end, Marion Academy believes it is the responsibility of the entire school community to assist its students in learning and putting into practice appropriate behavior expectations to promote a safe learning environment. Both students and staff are charged with preserving the integrity of the learning environment at Marion Academy. Please see Attachment I for the Marion Academy’s school discipline plan.

Marion Academy believes it is the responsibility of the entire school community to assist its students in learning.

As previously stated, Marion Academy places a special emphasis on positive student behavior and will adhere to a school discipline plan which addresses how the school will address student behavioral issues, particularly those issues that escalate to a point where they cannot be managed inside the classroom.

De-escalation Room

Unique to Marion Academy’s school discipline plan is a De-escalation Room which provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their behavior and regroup without further disrupting other students. This program is run by our Behavior Specialist.