Our Core Beliefs and Values

Our mission is to EMBRACE a vigorous, aggressive movement for the EDUCATION and advancement of all our students and families while EMPOWERING our alumni and community.

Marion Academy Teacher Directed, Student Centered Our Vision is to EMBRACE the challenge of earning an EDUCATION and EMPOWER every student to achieve professional and personal success.


Are You Ready for Success?

Core Values

At Marion Academy students will know, at all times, (1) what is expected of them (2) that they are in a safe learning environment, and (3) there are individuals in the school who care about their well-being and academic performance. To ensure this, our School Culture will be built on four core values: (1) Community; (2) Scholarship; (3) Respect; and (4) Responsibility.

Methods and Practices

Our Vision is to EMBRACE the challenge of earning an EDUCATION and EMPOWER every student to achieve success.

At Marion Academy, all classes are teacher directed and student centered. Some students who have many credits to recover will have the opportunity to take our online credit recovery courses. As students progress through our curriculum attaining necessary skills, opportunities are available for work-based learning, internships, and certification courses that take place off campus and out in the field.

Teachers structure the classrooms using a gradual release of responsibility instructional approach in which teachers deliver instruction and students interact with new content in a sequence of whole group, teacher-facilitated small group, student-driven small group, and finally independent student practice (Fisher & Frey, 2008). The goal of every course is independent student mastery of the content, skills and standards to which the course is aligned. All lesson plans explicitly incorporate the gradual release of responsibility instructional strategy and its four phases.