Our Campus

Marion Academy is a Charter School Network in Indianapolis Indiana with 2 Main Campuses:

Marion Academy – (formerly Indianapolis Public School 68)

Marion Academy
2107 N. Riley
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Marion Academy is committed to the achievement of each individual learner.

The focus of Marion Academy is to prepare all learners for the transition into post-secondary school life. The educational model of Marion Academy is rooted in academic rigor, character education, career exploration, and workplace readiness.

Marion Academy is committed to the achievement of each individual learner and individualizing student learning through goal setting and the development of an individualized learning plan (ILP) while creating a learning environment that fosters the ideals of community, scholarship, respect, and responsibility. The curricular offerings prepare students to earn the Core 40 Diploma, Core 40 Honors Diploma, or the Core 40 Technical Honors Diploma.

  • High school wing and Middle school Wing
  • Outdoor Playground, Blacktop, and Field
  • Indoor Gym
  • College and Career Center

Hillside Academy Campus

2451 N Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Hillside Academy, a program within Marion Academy, is designed for students detained in the MCJDC. The goal of Hillside Academy is to provide quality educational services while students are detained. While in MCJDC, students attend Hillside Academy and are graded on their work and participation in all classes.

Hillside Academy provides a quality, standards-based education for each student in residence at MCJDC, continues identified instructional objectives for each student in residence, and provides an instructional transition for students entering and exiting the program. Because it is likely that many students at Hillside Academy will transition to Marion Academy’s main campus, the educational program will be designed to ensure a seamless transition of work and credits to Marion Academy.